DAISY-5 push-buttons add-on module

DAISY-5 is an 8 push-button module intended for educational and experimental purposes

Each button is wired directly on a single GPIO line. In normal conditions the GPIO line is pulled down (logic 0) through a 10 KOhm resistor. Pressing down the button the GPIO line is closed to +3.3V (logic 1) by a 1.5 KOhm resistor.

Python code examples

These examples show how to read the Daisy-5 buttons state with the module plugged in the Terra board D11 daisy connector.

The same examples can work using the following Daisy connectors with simple changes at the source:

Terra FOXG20
D11 D2
D12 D5

  • Read the pushbutton state using the polling way: polling.py
  • Catch the pushbutton state using the interrupt mode: interrupt.py

 Note:   The edge conditions falling and rising are managed just on the Aria G25/Terra. On the FOX Board G25 only the both edge works.


EUR 5.00

8 push buttons daisy module

DAISY-5 is simple module with 8 push buttons useful for lab experiments.

Note: the daisy flat cable to wire this board is not included. Don't forget to buy it (code FLAT-20CM)

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EUR 2.00

20cm flat cable with sockets for Daisy wiring

20 cm ribbon cable with 10 wires compatible with the Acme Daisy Cabling System.

At least one of these cables is required to connect each Daisy module.

if you need different lengths please consider making your own the cable using the IDC socket JJ-02291-10P-F and the flat cable FC-3754-1M.