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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

How to recovery image202 based Fox boards to the FTP and Web flashing procedures

This article describes how to reflash Fox boards equipped with fimage release 202 (shipped before 19/10/2005) with the FTP and WEB modes

Due to a limitation in the SDKs before the SDK 2.01 release Fox board users that has an internal image release 202 are not able to flash their boards with a different image using the FTP or WEB based procedures. They have to reflash them using the LAN procedure. This problem has been addressed with the SDK 2.01 so Fox boards shipped after 19/10/2005 are not suffering this problem. It is still a problem for the present users who bought Fox boards equipped with the default image release 202.

To overcome this limitation that force users to install the SDK even if they have only to reflash the Fox with a prebuilt image from ACME Systems, it is possible to download this image: Recovery image for Fox_202 This image can be flashed through FTP or WEB in a Fox with 202 image without problems. When a Fox is flashed with this image the limitation will vanish and the user will be able to reflash now with any new image via FTP or WEB from our fimage archive repository.