BERTA-CM3 - Raspberry Pi CM3 panel PC

BERTA-CM3 is a low-cost Raspberry Pi LCD panel PC based on the industrial version of Raspberry Pi called Compute Module 3. Due to its cost it is also a cheaper alternative to official Raspberry Pi CM3/CM3L dekit.

BERTA-CM3x-xxx features

  • Raspberry CM3 or CM3L module
  • Socket for microSD
  • USB host port or WiFi adapter
  • 7 inch TFT display
  • Resistive touch
  • Unused GPIO lines on 2.54 inch pad
Version Price CM3 CM3L 7 Inch Res touch USB Host WiFi 2.4GHz
BERTA-CM3L-7RU 79.00 X X X X
BERTA-CM3L-7RW 81.00 X X X X
BERTA-CM3-7RU 84.00 X X X X
BERTA-CM3-7RW 85.00 X X X X
  • CM3L IC Broadcom

Are you a Raspberry Pi reseller ?

The BERTA-CM3 panel PCs are available only with LCD and Rasperry PC comupe modules. If you are a Raspberry PI resellers you can buy just the mother boards and made your own kit adding the other parts by yourself.

Version Price MOQ
BERTA-CM3-MB 25.00 50 pcs
BERTA-CM3-MB 23.00 100 pcs
BERTA-CM3-MB 21.00 250 pcs
BERTA-CM3-MB 19.00 500 pcs
BERTA-CM3-MB 18.00 1000 pcs