FOX Board G25 - Preview

 Note:   This page is just a preview. All the features may changes before the final release.

FOX Board G25 is a simple carrier board which meets the classic FOX Board G20 footprint using the Aria G25 SoM features.

FOX Board G25 is not a pin-to-pin replacement for the FOX Board G20 so is not possible to use it for the existing carrier board designed on FOX Board G20.

  • Availabilty: February 2014
  • Cost: about 60 euro with no WiFi and Radio modules

Key keatures

  • 3 Daisy connectors with SPI, I2C, USART and GPIO lines
  • 2 USB port (1 high-speed and 1 full-speed)
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 DPI port
  • Power supply input at 5VDC
  • 20x20 pads pitch 2.54 mm for expansions
  • 1 wire bus
  • Placement for 4D systems display connector
  • Placement for WiFi USB modem (Managed, Ad-hoc and AP mode)
  • Placement for IQRF
  • Placement for CR1220 RTC backup battery
  • Placement for microSD card (up to 32GByte)
  • Aria G25 CPU module
  • Power control over any USB port, RF module and 4D system LCD port
  • Same footprint of FOX Board G20. Not pin-to-pin compatible.
  • Mechanical placement for the Daisy modules

Top and bottom views