Power supply

Aria G25 needs a single line 3.3 volt DC power supply which can be provided in any combination on the following pins:

Power lines Aria pins
+3V3 DC power in N1, S1, E24, W24
GND signal ground N24, S24, E1, W1

A simple and cheap module called PS3V3 is available from Acme SYstems.
It has a miniUSB connector and can be integrate in your PCB as a SMD component.

EUR 4.00

Switching power supply with UE AC Plug and mini USB DC plug

Switching power supply for PS3V3 DC/DC converter module:

  • Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Output 5VDC/1A
  • Pluggable directly to the Berta Board or PS3V3

Extended range power supply

If you need to get the power in an industrial or mobile environment here is illustrated a simple solution using this two modules:

In this way is is possible to provide to Aria from a 7 to 28 Volt DC source.

EUR 10.00

Quad power supply module

Power supply module that meets all the AT91SAM9G20 CPU power requirements and power-up and power-down sequences to guarantee reliable operations.

| Product description |

EUR 12.00

Extended Power Supply module

EPS is a DC-DC converter with an input range of 7 to 28 Volt DC output 5 Volt DC @ 2A.

| Product description |

Power supervisor

In real life applications we suggest to add a reset supervisor circuit to assure correct startup sequences.

Here are two possibilities:

  • Using a TPS3808G33 IC more flexible since it lets you to program the reset assertion delay with C52.
  • Using a CAT811 IC that is cheaper but has a fixed 140ms delay.

RTC backup battery

Applying 3 Volt DC on E1 (GND) and E20 (VBAT +3VDC) it is possible to mantaint the RTC (Real Time Clock) active when the power supply if off. This will mantain the system clock up to 6 months with no power using a small CR1220 Lithium battery.

A bigger battery can be used to extend the time duration.

EUR 1.00

Battery holder for lithium battery CR1220

Battery holder for lithium battery CR1220. Through hole mount.

EUR 1.00

Battery holder for lithium battery CR1220

Battery holder for lithium battery CR1220. SMT mount.

EUR 3.00

3V Lithium battery

Lithium battery model CR1220 at 3 volt for RTC circuitry on: