EUR 65.00

ATMEL AT91SAM9G20 CPU module (256KB)

Netus G20 is a 4x4cm Linux ready core engine based on the new ARM9 (c) CPU Atmel (tm) AT91SAM9G20 @ 400Mhz designed to reduce the time to market your Linux embedded projects.

  • 256KB of flash memory
  • 64MB of RAM
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EUR 10.00

Quad power supply module

Power supply module that meets all the AT91SAM9G20 CPU power requirements and power-up and power-down sequences to guarantee reliable operations.

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EUR 2.00

Female and Male connectors pair
  • Pair of connector for Netus G20
  • 1 Female and 1 Male connector
  • 60 pin pitch 0.8mm pitch