Led panel

Kernel Linux 3.18.1 - Debian Wheezy 7.2 - WiFi

Version: 16-oct-2015
MicroSD contents for Arietta G25 to run Led Panel application


How-to create a bootable microSD

A Linux Ubuntu PC is required

  • Format a microSD with gparted (read more) and mount it
  • Download the binaries
  • Uncompress the binaries to the microSD with the following commands:
$ tar -xvjpSf boot.tar.bz2 -C /media/$USER/boot 
$ sudo tar -xvjpSf rootfs.tar.bz2 -C /media/$USER/rootfs 
  • unmount the microsd and try it on your Arietta

Login data

  • Login: root Password: acmesystems

How to use

Access to WiFi LedPanel and go to these address from your browser: