Yowsup (unofficial WhatApp API) installation

Yowsup is a python library that enables you build application which use WhatsApp service. This article illustrates how to install it on Acme Boards


apt-get install python-dateutil
apt-get install python-setuptools
apt-get install python-dev
apt-get install libevent-dev
apt-get install ncurses-dev
apt-get install python-pillow
apt-get install git

Add this line:

deb http://http.debian.net/debian jessie-backports main

on /etc/apt/sources.list then type:

apt-get update
apt-get install python-axolotl

Download the library with the command

git clone git://github.com/tgalal/yowsup.git
cd yowsup
python setup.py install


yowsup-cli registration --requestcode sms --phone 393489922130 --cc 39 --mcc 222 --mnc 10
yowsup-cli registration --register 975-613 --phone 393489922130 --cc 39  

status: ok
kind: free
pw: kDtIVnUTUxX0O9z4rIcpAhbDKaA=
price: € 0,89
price_expiration: 1449470693
currency: EUR
cost: 0.89
expiration: 1477946341
login: 393489922130
type: new

Send a message

yowsup-cli demos -l 393489922130:kDtIVnUTUxX0O9z4rIcpAhbDKaA= -s 393460624344 "Messaggio numero 2"

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