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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

WEB access

The FOX Board has by default a preinstalled BOA Web server. This article explains how to configure it and how to write your own web pages

If your PC is already connected on the same LAN of the FOX board simply click on the following URL:

The default home page is located on /usr/html/index.html. This file is saved into a read only folder so you cannot change its contents. To change the default home page or add new ones you have to use the read/write folder /usr/html/local.

Try to edit the default home page from your web browser using editcgi.cgi. This is a cgi located in /usr/html/admin-bin useful to edit ASCII files saved in the FOX Board filesystem directly from the web. To edit index.html use this link:

Delete the previous html code and write something like "Hello World !", then change the contents in the Save as field in /usr/html/local/index.html and press Save file button.

Now show your new web page using this URL .

Fig 1 - The default home page of the FOX Board

Changing the default web server folder

The BOA configuration file is locate on /etc/httpd/conf/boa.conf.
You can edit it using this URL:

The DocumentRoot parameter defines the public folder used by the web server for the web pages.
Change this line:

DocumentRoot /usr/html


DocumentRoot /usr/html/local

then save and restart the BOA server from a Telnet console with the command:

# /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Try now the default web page:

Set the web folder on a USB memory key

The memory available on the FOX Board to put web contents could be not enought in most cases. Define the DocumentRoot to /mnt/1 and read this article: USB memory key, to see how to mount an external USB memory key.

More info about BOA

In the official BOA web site (http://www.boa.org/) is it possible to found a lot of documentation about this small and fast webserver.

Special note for web application developers

It is available a special release of FOX Board for embedded web application named foXServe.
More info are available on:

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