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Atmel SAMA5D3x (Cortex-A5@536 MHz) system on module with LCD interface

Acqua A5 is a low cost System-on-Module (SoM) thought of to drastically reduce the development time needed to design a low-power and low-EMI Linux Embedded device.The more complex hardware like CPU, RAM, Ethernet, power and EMI components are integrated on a single component in just 53x53 mm (2.08x2.08 inch) using a complex PCB with 10 layers permitting hardware designers to create their carrier board on simple and cheap 2 layers PCBs.

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Atmel AT91SAM9G25 (ARM9@400MHz) SMD Systems on Module

Aria G25 is a cost-effective System-on-Module created for hardware designers who want to drastically reduce the working time spent on Linux Embedded devices development. On this 40x40 mm surface mount device (SMD) are already integrated all the complex components like CPU, RAM, Ethernet PHY, EMI filters and power section needed to create the core of a Linux Embedded board leaving more time for the other aspects of your application.

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Atmel AT91SAM9G25 (ARM9@400MHz) tiny module

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Linux embedded system for fast prototyping

Terra is a complete device based on the Aria G25 module useful to quickly create prototypes and small productions based on the Aria G25 module. It is easily expandable using the Daisy add-on boards and has an integrated GPRS modem for remote controlled applications. A ready to use enclosure is available to realize applications for the end-user market. The schematic is freely available as reference for custom design based on Aria G25 module.

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FOX Board G20

Atmel AT91SAM9G20 (ARM9@400MHz) Linux embedded board

FOX Board G20 is Single Board Computer built around the ARM9@400Mhz Atmel CPU AT91SAM9G20. Two 40 pin sockets pitch 2.54mm are available to plug the board on specific application carriers or add-on boards. On these pins 3.3 Volt signals are available which can be used to implement RS232/RS485/RS422, I2C, SPI, GPIO, A/D and PWM interfaces..

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DAISY add-on interfaces for Terra and FOX Board G20

Mini expansion boards for Terra and Fox Board G20

Daisy is our set of peripheral interfaces to easily extend Terra Board and FOX Board G20 boards.
A wide range of mini boards with the coolest chips currently available on the market are available from our catalog.

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