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DAISY-1 - Daisy adapter for the FOX Board G20

Daisy is a cabling method reducing development time of equipment based on both FOX Board G20 and Netus G20 boards. The basic idea is to be able to wire on-field interfaces onto the NetusG20 module faster, using plugged instead of welded cables.

The DAISY-1 board is at the center of the Daisy cabling system. It is plugable over the NetusG20 board to provides 8 connectors to plug up to 8 or more daisy modules using ribbon flat cables.

Each connector is identified with a unique name as D1, D2, D3, etc. and has a different set of signals coming from the Atmel CPU.

Daisy connectors pinout

D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8
PIN ttyS2 GPIO1/ttyS5 GPIO/ttyS1 ADC GPIO2/ttyS6 ttyS4 SPI01 ttyS3
13.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V
2TXD (PB6) PA31 (ID63-TXD) TXD (PB4) AVDD PB12 (ID76-TXD) TXD (PB10) MOSI (PB1) TXD2 (PB8)
3RXD (PB7) PA30 (ID62-RXD) RXD (PB5) VREF PB13 (ID77-RXD) RXD (PB11) MISO (PB0) RXD2 (PB9)
4RTS (PB28) PA29 (ID61) RTS (PB26) AGND PB16 (ID80) RTS (PC8) CK (PB2)
5CTS (PB29) PA28 (ID60) CTS (PB27) AD0 (PC0) PB17 (ID81) CTS (PC10) NPCS0 (PB3)
6 PA27 (ID59) DSR (PB22) AD1 (PC1) PB18 (ID82) PB31 (ID95) NPCS1 (PC5)
7TWD (PA23) PA26 (ID58) DTR (PB24) AD2 (PC2) PB19 (ID83) TWD (PA23) NPCS2 (PC4) TWD (PA23)
8TWCK (PA24) PA25 (ID57) RI (PB25) AD3 (PC3) PB20 (ID84) TWCK (PA24) NPCS3 (PC3) TWCK (PA24)
95V PB30 (ID94) CD (PB23) 5V PB21 (ID85) 5V 5V 5V

Schematics, datasheets and related links

DAISY-1 : Daisy adapter for FOX Board G20 EURO 3.00

DAISY-1 is a pluggable adapter for the NETUSG20 module that provides 8 connectors compatible with the Acme Daisy Cabling System.

| Product description... |

FLAT-20CM : 20cm flat cable with sockets for Daisy wiring EURO 3.00

20 cm ribbon cable with 10 wires compatible with the Acme Daisy Cabling System.

At least one of these cables is required to connect each Daisy module.

if you need different lengths please consider making your own the cable using the IDC socket JJ-02291-10P-F and the flat cable FC-3754-1M.

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