PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

DAISY-11 led module

DAISY-11 is module intended for educational and experimental purposes with 8 red led

Programming examples

Here are some examples of codes on how to use the Daisy-11 board. An in-depth explanation of how the code works and how to run it on your FOX Board is available in this article: Using GPIO lines in Python on Daisy boards.

The classic "Hello World!" example in electronics: Blinking a led. To try this example wire the Daisy-11 on D2 connector, The led L1 will blink

A more funny example to create a lighting effect.


These are the usable connectors where to plug this board using the factory default Linux Kernel image:

Terra FOXG20
D11 D2
D12 D5


EUR 5.00

8 push buttons daisy module

DAISY-5 is simple module with 8 push buttons useful for lab experiments.

Note: the daisy flat cable to wire this board is not included. Don't forget to buy it (code FLAT-20CM)

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EUR 2.00

20cm flat cable with sockets for Daisy wiring

20 cm ribbon cable with 10 wires compatible with the Acme Daisy Cabling System.

At least one of these cables is required to connect each Daisy module.

if you need different lengths please consider making your own the cable using the IDC socket JJ-02291-10P-F and the flat cable FC-3754-1M.