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This is the main index to find all the tutorials, recipes and articles available for the Acme Systems Linux boards and modules.

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Getting started

Wiring examples

Wiring a RGB 32x32 LED panel to Arietta G25

Programming environments

Using the Web

Using a Linux PC

Using a Windows PC

Hello World in many languages

Run the Hello World ! examples in:

Mini how-tos

System setup




Device tree and Linux drivers


Linux Kernel

How to build the rootfs contents

Launch the Linux Kernel with the Atmel bootloaders

Bootable microSD:

Embedded peripherals

External peripherals

Programming examples

Web server in Python

Server side using C


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Documentation Terms of Use
Acme Systems provides this documentation "as is" without warranty or guarantees of any kind. We not provide any direct support for the Open Source preinstalled software but, through these pages and forum posts, all of the information required to obtain the sources, install, use and update the Open Source software that can be run on the Acme boards. Please note that all of the preinstalled software, used on the Acme Systems products, are Open Source so you have to check the license terms provided by the authors (usually the GPL) before using it in any commercial or non-commercial product, by yourself. Before to contact us please note that WE ARE MAINLY HARDWARE DESIGNERS and NOT LINUX GURUS and therefore could be better to post your questions to the Acme Systems forum and ensure that all of the site contributors and large software community can read and reply to your questions.

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