PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

FOX Console

FOX Console is a TTL to RS232 converter to connect a PC serial port to J10 FOX Board console port

The FOX Board has a serial console port on its J10 connector. By connecting this port to a RS232 port of a PC through Fox Console and a straight cable (not null modem) you can have direct access to the Linux console allocated by default to the Fox device /dev/ttyS0.

Default baud rate and parity parameters for the PC serial port are: 115200,n,8,1. Flow Control=OFF.

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The signal levels on this port are at 3.3 volt because they come directly from the Axis MCM ETRAX 100LX processor pins. This means that is NOT possible to connect directly the console port of the FOX board to a serial RS232 port of a PC.

Link between the J10 console port and an RS232 PC port
  1. VCC (3.3 Volt)
  2. RTS (Out)
  3. TXD (Out)
  4. RXD (Inp)
  5. CTS (Inp)
  6. GND

FOX Console schematic