About us

Acme Systems srl is a company specialising in the development of projects, production and assembling of low-cost microprocessor boards, developed for rapid prototyping in civil and industrial environments.

Company Overview

Acme Systems srl is an Italian company founded in 2004 by Roberto Asquini and Sergio Tanzilli after about 20 years of individual experiences in embedded electronics.

Originally started to follow a single custom project, Acme moved after few months to develop, build and sell small Linux embedded systems. The first single board computer made in the early 2006 was the FOX Board LX, at that time one of the first and smallest Linux embedded board in world.

Actually Acme is focused on original design of System On Board modules for industrial, IT and network applications where small size, low power consumption and long time product availability is required.

By choosing Arm processors, known for their high performance and low energy consumption, standard development tools and an open operating system, Acme customers secure their investments and guarantee their long term strategic independence.

Acme products are completely designed internally from the schematic capture to the printed circuit board design. Every detail of the project is aimed at reliability without compromising performance and towards the reduction of production costs and power consumption.

All the products are designed to be used with Open Source software like Linux, GNU C/C++, Python, NodeJS, Java, etc. A collection of ready-to-use binaries are provided with all the free on-line tutorial to build them from scratch starting from the original source repositories. A set of evaluation kit and examples of application board for a wide range of purposes is also provided.

Continuous optimization of design during all phases of the project, from idea to production and testing, yields extremely robust and easy to handle products with surprisingly low end user costs per board.

Moreover, all Acme products are fully assembled in-site in our headquarters located in Ladispoli, a small town 20 km from Rome in Italy. Our production line covers the complete electronic production cycle from SMD production, with the latest technologies in pick and place equipment and vapour phase reflowing oven, to standard through-all component completion and testing.

Producing our products in-site, gives us all the feedback necessary to realise optimized projects designed to be easily produced and tested and as a result more robust. In that way we are in close control of all the components used, process parameters and production phases for guaranteed product quality.

Since 2012 Acme has been an Atmel certified partner for developing motherboards and microprocessor solutions for industrial applications. Actually we are becoming to be also an official partner of Microchip.

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