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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.


JP3    FPGA pin
JP3.1   +3.3v
JP3.2   +3.3v
JP3.3   P16 
JP3.4   N16 
JP3.5 	M16 
JP3.6 	N15 
JP3.7 	M15 
JP3.8 	M14 
JP3.9 	L16 
JP3.10	L15 
JP3.11	L14 
JP3.12	+5v 
JP3.13	L13 
JP3.14	K16 
JP3.15	K15 
JP3.16	K14 
JP3.17	K13 
JP3.18	J16 
JP3.19	J14 
JP3.20	J13 
JP3.21	J12 
JP3.22	B15 
JP3.23	H14 
JP3.24	H13 
JP3.25	H12 
JP3.26	G16 
JP3.27	G15 
JP3.28	G14 
JP3.29	G13 
JP3.30	F16 
JP3.31	F15 
JP3.32	F13 
JP3.33	E16 
JP3.34	E14 
JP3.35	E13 
JP3.36	D16 
JP3.37	D14 
JP3.38	A15 
JP3.39	GND	
JP3.40	GND