PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

Connect a MMC or SD card memory

This article explains how to connect a MMC memory card (or SD memory card in SPI mode) to the FOX Board.


Just 4 signal lines + power supply are needed to connect a MMC/SD card to the FOX Board.

The following extension boards have this schematic already implemented:

Configure the FOX Board SDK to install the MMC/SD Kernel module

From the devboard directory type:
# make menuconfig
Enable the option:
Driver settings --> [*] Enable MMC Support
Save and exit then, to generate the fimage, type:
# ./configure
# make

Flash the FOX Board with the new image (see How to reflash a FOX Board) and login to it with root and pass.

Mounting the MMC card

Insert the MMC/SD card inside the holder then mount it typing:

# mount /dev/mmc0 /mnt/0 -t vfat -o noatime,sync
Now you could see the content of the MMC/SD card on /mnt/0 directory typing:
# ls -l /mnt/0


Many thanks to John Crispin who wrote the MMC driver for the FOX Board LX