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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

Interfacing a SRF10 ultrasonic range finder

This article explains ho to interface via I2C bus the small sonar ranger made by Devantech

Devantech SRF10 ultrasonic range finder
The SRF10 is a miniature ultrasonic range finder, controlled over a I2C bus. It operates up to 6m while performing its own internal timing of the return echo.


This is the wirings between the SFR10 and the FOX Board LX. The pins used are the same of the article: Using the I2C bus, but they can be easily changed because the example code is based on user space I2C bit banging routines.


Where to buy the SRF10

The SRF10 sampled used in this article has been provided by Robot Italy. From its web site is is possible to buy a wide range of ultrasonic range finder and other robotic devices.