CM3-Home - Home Automation board for Raspberry Compute Module 3

CM3-Home is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 mother board designed to provide a reliable Home Automation hardware equipped with a wide range of electrical interfaces

The CM3-Home board has been designed to be installed inside a DIN rail switchboard and implements protection against EMI and static charges to be installed in harsh environments.


Available in two versions.

  • CM3-HOME-B: Basic edition
  • CM3-HOME-F: Full edition

These are the main differences between the two versions:

Hardware features CM3-HOME-F CM3-HOME-B
Socket for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 yes yes
Socket for microSD yes yes
USB 2.0 host port 2 2
Ethernet port at 10/100Mbit 1 1
Stereo audio out on 3.5 mm jack yes yes
MIPI camera connector for standard Raspberry Pi Camera yes yes
Serial console port yes yes
Generic serial port yes yes
Low voltage relay 2 2
1-Wire bus 1 1
Opto-isolated dry contact input 2 2
Opto-isolated RS-485 bus 2 1
Seeedstudio Grove connector 2 1
WiFi module @ 2.4GHz yes optional
IR receiver @ 38KHz yes optional
Internal connector for 2.2 inch SPI TFT display (320x256) with resistive touch yes optional
Opto-isolated TP-BUS yes no
Opto-isolated LIGHT-BUS yes no
YARM radio module (Microchip SAMD21 + ATA8510) yes no
ADC line 2 no
Power-in 12 to 24VDC 12 to 24VDC


This is the internal architecture of the CM3-HOME full edition:


CM3-HOME board has been designed to be enclosed inside a 9 module DIN RAIL case made by ELBag:

CM3-Home for the OEM market

The CM3-Home board is an OEM electronic parts mainly suitable for B2B market and instead of end-users looking for a ready-to-use Home Automation system.

We do not provide any ready-to-use microSDs or support to install software on this mother board but just the basic info about the small differences between the standard Raspberry Pi 3 and the CM3-Home implementation to understand how to use it with the standard Rasbian distributions.

The typical customers for this board are:

  • System Integrators that want to create their own professional Home Automation solution based on Raspberry Pi 3 architecture
  • Makers that want to create their own Home Automation software on a reliable platform
  • Resellers that want to sell the board as is or arrange a kit with CM3-Home, Raspberry module, microSD, case, power supply, etc to maximize their own gains

As like as any other Acme Systems product the CM3-Home board is provided inside a simple antistatic bag without any printed paper or manuals.

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