Audio section

The CM3-Home uses an audio section electrically similar to the Raspberry Pi 3 but using different GPIO lines. This article explains how to configure your Rasbian distribution to be compatible with this hardware. Making a little change on the config.txt file all the other behaviour is the same as with Raspberry Pi 3.

config.txt configuration

Add this two lines on config.txt file the reboot:

# Set the CM3-Home audio lines

How to try the audio out

Install omxpayer by typing:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install omxplayer

Download this two audio files:


Launch it:

omxplayer -o local speaker_test.m4a


EUR 130.00

CM3-HOME-B - CM3-Home board basic edition

CM3-Home board basic edition

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EUR 330.00

CM3-HOME-F - CM3-Home board full edition

CM3-Home board full edition

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