PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

DAISY-11 led module

DAISY-11 is module intended for educational and experimental purposes with 8 red led

Programming examples

Here are some examples of codes on how to use the Daisy-11 board. An in-depth explanation of how the code works and how to run it on your FOX Board is available in this article: Using GPIO lines in Python on Daisy boards.

The classic "Hello World!" example in electronics: Blinking a led. To try this example wire the Daisy-11 on D2 connector, The led L1 will blink

A more funny example to create a lighting effect.


These are the usable connectors where to plug this board using the factory default Linux Kernel image:

Terra FOXG20
D11 D2
D12 D5