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Just 5 wires are requested to have a working 10/100 MBit LAN port and a RJ45 ethernet connector (with embedded line tranformers).

These are the lines used on any SOM:

Ethernet connector Aria G25 Acqua A5
1 (RX+) W4 (ETH TX+) J1.1 (ETH_TXP)
2 (RX-) W5 (ETH TX-) J1.3 (ETH_TXN)
3 (TX+) W2 (ETH RX+) J1.4 (ETH_RXP)
4-5 (RCT-TCT) W6 (ETH 3V3) J1.6 (ETH_3V3)
6 (TX-) W3 (ETH RX-) J1.2 (ETH_RXN)

Do not use simple LAN connectors without the embedded line transformers.

On Arietta G25 the Ethernet lines are not available use the DAISY-26. module instead

Ethernet state leds

Other 3 wires are required to have the link-up and traffic leds working. On this scheme is illustrated how to wire the leds integrated in our LAN connector but it is possible to use also two simple leds (no resistors are required).

These are the lines used:

Ethernet connector Aria G25 Acqua G25
9 (Green led) W8 (Link led) J1.8 (ETH_LED1)
12 (Yellow led) W7 (Traffic led) J1.7 (ETH_LED2)
10-11 (leds cathode) W1 (GND) J1.5 (ETH_GND)

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