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Aria technical documentation

Soldering profile for Aria G25 SoM

Aria G25 is compatible with the standard J-STD-020C for reflowing production process.

Aria is a Pb/Free and RoHS product.

Aria SoM is a Level 4 Moisture Sensitivity device

Parameter Value
Average Ramp-up Rate (217°C to peak) 3°C/s max
Preheat Temperature (175°C +-25°C) 120 sec max
Temperature maintained above 217°C 40s to 100s
Time within 5°C of Actual Peak Temperature 20s to 40s
Peak Temperature range 260°C +0°C
Ramp Down rate 6°C/s max
Time 25°C to Peak Temperature 7 min. max

Suggested peak reflow temperature is from 235°C to 245°C for solder paste SAC305 (SnAg3.0Cu0.5).

Absolute max reflow temperature is 260°C PPT (Package Peak Temperature as measured at top of package surface)

It is suggested to mount the module on the last reflow of the carrier board

A maximum of two reflow passes is allowed per board

With Vapour phase ovens the suggested parameters are: * max temperature: 240°C; * ramp rate between 25°C and 190: 0.5°C/s, * very gentle knee then to avoid tombstoning and then 3°C/s to the top temperature (240°C) * staying at 240°C for 25..30s * then ramp down at max 5°C/s


  • Aria SoM are distributed in sealed bags.
  • Shelf life for sealed bag: 6 months at <40°C / 90%RH
  • After bag is opened, for Aria boards subjected to reflow or other high temperature process must be mounted within 72 hours at conditions of <30°C / 60% RH or they have to be stored at <10% RH
  • Aria devices left open for more than 72 hours requir bake, before mounting.
  • When requiring bake Aria SoM may be baked for 48 hours at 110°C+-5°C
  • Refer to IPC/JEDECJ-STD-033 for bake procedure

Aria technical documentation