EUR 1.50

CABLE-01 - Mini USB data cable

Mini USB data cable

EUR 1.50

CABLE-02 - Micro USB data cable

Micro USB data cable

EUR 1.00

CABLE-03 - Flat data cable (16 wires)

Flat data cable

  • Length: about 15cm
  • 16 wires
  • Female to female

EUR 1.00

CABLE-04 - Power cable for LED panel

Power cable for RGB Ledpanel

EUR 8.00

USB-3V-SER - USB to 3V3 serial converter

USB to 3V3 serial converter ad 3.3 volt with separated pin plugs

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EUR 2.00

FLAT-20CM - Flat cable 10 wires, 20 cm, pitch 1.27 mm

Ribbon cable for YARM-DEV or DAISY modules wiring:

  • Length 20 cm
  • 10 wires
  • Pitch 1.27 mm

EUR 3.00

DAISY-12 - Prototyping board

DAISY-12 is a 40x40 mm prototyping board with daisy IDC connector mounted and small soldering area to create your custom daisy add-on module.

Note: the daisy flat cable to wire this board is not included. Don't forget to buy it (code FLAT-20CM)

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EUR 1.00

IDC-FLAT - IDC socket 1.27mm for Daisy flat cable

IDC connector with 1.27mm spaced dual-row pin headers. The insulation displacement (IDC) contacts on these connectors allow them to be quickly and easily crimped onto FLAT-20CM flat ribbon cable for Daisy cabling system.

This female socket is designed to be connected to the male header on the Daisy modules. A polarizing tab in the middle ensures the correct orientation.

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EUR 1.00

IDC-PCB - IDC header 5x2 pin pitch 1.27mm SMT

SMT IDC header 10 pin (5x2) pitch 1.27 mm

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