CM3-Home ready-to-use third party editions

This is a list of products made by third party using the OEM versions of our boards. The customer supports on this products are made by the third party themself.

EUR 390.00

CM3-HOME-G1 - Ready-to-use CM3-Home edition customized by GuiOtt with openHAB

This is a ready-to-use version of CM3-Home with working version on OpenHAB already installed.

This kit includes:

  • a CM3-Home board full edition
  • a 16 GB microSD with openHABian installed and configured
  • a CM3-CASE enclosure for DIN rail montage
  • a Raspberry PI Compute Module 3
  • a WiFi PCB antenna

Please note that in this kit is not included:

  • a Yarm RF antenna
  • a power supply
  • an USB to serial converter for debug purposes

The customer support on this product is provided by GuiOtt

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CM3-Home OEM parts

This is a list of OEM products. The customer supports on this products are made by Acme Systems and is limited to the hardware aspects.

EUR 290.00

CM3-HOME-F - CM3-Home board full (mother board only)

CM3-Home is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 motherboard designed to provide a reliable Home Automation hardware equipped with a wide range of electrical interfaces

    • Raspberry Compute Module 3 or 3L (Product # CM3L)
    • Yarm antenna (Product # YARM-ANT-01)
    • Case (Product # CM3-HOME-CASE)
    • MicroSD (Product # MICROSD8G-E)
  • Included:
    • WiFi module (Product # WIFI-2)
    • WiFi antenna (Product # AN-WIFI-01)

For more info please visit the product description page

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EUR 29.00

CM3L - Raspberry Compute Module 3

The Compute Module 3 is a Raspberry Pi 3 in a more flexible form factor, intended for industrial application.

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EUR 8.00

CM3-HOME-CASE - DIN rail case for CM3-HOME board

Enclosure for CM3-HOME board

EUR 18.00

MICROSD8G-E - SanDisk industrial grade 8GB microSD

SanDisk 8GB Industrial grade microSD

  • Class 10 HC
  • Temperature range: -25° to +85°
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EUR 7.00

WIFI-2 - WiFi USB module

OEM Small USB 2.0 IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi compliant module based on the RaLink RT5370N chip. It works at 3.3V and can be configured also in Access Point mode.

This model requires an external antenna model AN-WIFI-01 or AN-WIFI-02.

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EUR 3.50

AN-WIFI-01 - WiFi pcb external antenna

WiFi PCB antenna with 11 cm cable and UMC 2mm connector to be plugged on WIFI-2 module.

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EUR 7.00

AN-WIFI-02 - WiFi external antenna with SMA cable
  • RF cable with panel mountable SMA connector and UMC 2mm connector to be plugged on a WIFI-2 module.
  • WiFi rubber antenna

| Antenna datasheet | Cable datasheet |

EUR 12.00

YARM-ANT-01 - Antenna with cable

Antenna stick for YARM-DEV with uFL to SMA cable

| Yarm radio module |

EUR 8.00

USB-3V-SER - USB to 3V3 serial converter

USB to 3V3 serial converter ad 3.3 volt with separated pin plugs

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