EUR 30.00

BERTA-D2 - Basic evaluation board for RoadRunner SOM

Basic evaluation board for RoadRunner SOM:

  • RoadRunner not included
  • MicroSD not included
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EUR 65.00

COMBO-100 - Arietta G25 evaluation kit

Basic kit to evaluate the Arietta G25 SOM

Parts included:

  • ARIETTA-G25-256-V (256MB of RAM)
  • WIFI-2 WiFi module (mounted) with PCB antenna
  • Bootable microSD with Debian Linux preinstalled
  • Debug port interface + CABLE-01 mini USB data cable
  • PS5V1A-USB2 Wall adapter + CABLE-02 Micro USB power cable
  • 6 pins male connector mounted on DPI port
  • 20+20 pins male connector (unmounted)
  • 20+20 pins female connector (unmounted)

EUR 74.00

BERTA-G25 - Evaluation board for Aria G25

Mounted version of BERTA, the basic evaluation board for Aria G25 module:

  • Aria G25 module with 256MB of RAM (ARIAG25-256)
  • PS3V3 USB power supply module
  • Double USB host connector
  • SD card holder
  • Vertical microSD card holder
  • LAN connector
  • Winstar I2C 16x2 alphanumeric LCD with backlight
  • Debug port pins
  • Bootable microSD card
  • Wall power adapter

The Aria G25 il welded so it can't be removed from the board for further purposes.

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EUR 369.00


Legacy Terra-M board + accessories

Parts included:

  • One TERRA-M Board (Code TERRA)
  • A bootable microSD with Debian Linux preinstalled
  • One Debug port interface (Code DPI)
  • One USB data cable for DPI
  • One wall adapter 12 volt @ 2A switching power supply (Code PS12V2A-EU)
  • One Teko Tekal enclosure
  • One Daisy-24 lcd module
  • One Lithium battery model CR1220 at 3 volt for RTC circuitry (Code CH23-1220)
  • GSM antenna with 2 mt cable

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EUR 159.00

COMBO-2 - FOX Board G20 combo box

Basic starter kit with all the hardware you need to get started with the FOX Board G20 Linux Embedded Single Board Computer

Parts included:

  • One FOX Board G20 (Code FOXG20)
  • One wall mounted power supply with 2 output at 5 Volt DC 500mA on USB port
  • One USB to 3.3 volt serial interface (Code USB-3V-SER)
  • A bootable microSD with preinstalled Debian Linux
  • One Lithium backup battery for RTC circuitry model CR1220 (Code CH23-1220)
  • One FOXCASE-B black plastic enclosure (Code FOXCASE-B)

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