EUR 60.00

MQTT RGB led panel 32x32 pixel kit

All the electronic part you need to mount a RGB 32x32 Led panel compatible with MQTT:

  • Arietta G25 with 128 MB of RAM
  • RGB led panel 32x32 P6
  • microSD with Linux preinstalled
  • Wifi module and PCB antenna
  • 5V 4A wall adapter power supply
  • LPA-01 PCB, connectors and cables

IKEA RIBBA photo frame is not included

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EUR 28.00

RGB led module 32x32 pixel 192mm

Indoor full color LED module 32x32 pixel 19.2x19.2 cm

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EUR 48.00

P4mm 64x32 flexible LED RGB panel

Full color 64x32 pixel RGB led flexible module for indoor use

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EUR 185.00

Sender card

EUR 35.00

Receiver card

EUR 14.00

Switching power supply 5V 4A with european plug

Switching wall mount power supply:

  • European AC input: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage 5V
  • Output current 4A
  • Power 20W

EUR 14.00

Switching power supply 5V 10A for RGB ledpanels

EUR 1.00

Data cable for LED panel

Flat data cable for RGB Ledpanel

EUR 1.00

Power cable for LED panel

Power cable for RGB Ledpanel

EUR 4.20

HDMI cable 0.5 mt
  • Connector 1: HDMI type A male
  • Connector 2: HDMI type A male
  • Legth: 0.5 mt

EUR 1.20

Ethernet cable 0.5 mt
  • Lenght 0.5 mt
  • Flat
  • Color black

EUR 3.00

DVI-D to HDMI adapter
  • Connector 1: DVI-D, (18+1), plug
  • Connector 2: HDMI type A, jack
  • Cable type: Single-Link
  • HDTV Standard: 1080p
  • HDTV Resolution max.: 2560 x 1600 Pixel, 60Hz
  • Hoods: molded
  • Shielding: single shielding
  • Connector surface: nickel-plated
  • Color connector: black

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EUR 4.00

RGB led panel adapter (PCB)

Adapter to mount an Arietta G25 on a 32x32 P6 RGB led panel model LEDRGB-02.

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EUR 6.00

RGB Led panel adapter (mounted)

Adapter to mount an Arietta G25 on a 32x32 P6 RGB led panel model LEDRGB-02.

  • Power in connector for PS5V4A power supply
  • 40x2 female connector for Arietta G25
  • Screw terminal for Ledpanel power supply