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CM3-Panel-7-poe technical documentation

CM3-Panel-7-poe is an OEM cheap display device designed around the Raspberry Pi CM3 compute module.



ATTiny supervisor co-processor firmware

3D step files

Acqua A5

Board & Display

This is the step file of the whole CM3-Panel-7-POE board as is generated by Altium Designed. The file is very complex with thousands of parts

Acqua A5

Wood case

This is the step file of the open frame wood case we made using a Datron CNC that will be available on our store very soon

Acqua A5

Dovetail wall adapter

This is the 3D printed wall adapter to fix the wood case on the wall. 2 pcs of this accessory will be provided with the open frame wood case.



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EUR 225.00

CM3-PANEL-7-POE - Raspberry Pi CM3+ 7 inch LCD panel POE

CM3-PANEL-7-POE is an enhanced version of popular CM3-PANEL with a large set of interfaces


Main features


  • Raspberry CM3+ Lite
  • 8GB Industrial grade microSD with Raspbian OS Desktop preinstalled
  • Power supply connector (to provide the power not through POE)
  • Backup battery for RTC

Not Included

  • WiFi module
  • Power supply
  • Case
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EUR 38.00

WOODCASE-01 - Wood case for CM3-Panel 7 Basic and POE

CNC made wood case designed to use the CM3-Panel as graphical user interface in home automation appliances.


  • This case is designed for the CM3-PANEL Basic version W and not for the CM3-PANEL Version U
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