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Peripherals documentation

Select from the document map below the article you need to:

  • Design the PCB section for each specific peripheral
  • Know where are the signals of each peripherals
  • Include the right Linux kernel modules in your defconfig
  • Configure the right Device Tree Binding for each driver
  • Learn how to use the peripherals from user space

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Linux system how-tos

Useful commands

  • Check the incoming interrups: watch -n 1 -d cat /proc/interrupts
  • Get the Kernel version: uname -r
  • Get the Debian version: cat /etc/debian_version
  • Get the Kernel command line: cat /proc/cmdline
  • List the driver built in the Kernel image: cat /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.builtin
  • Set the hostname: echo "myboardname" > /etc/hostname

Linux applications

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