Hardware reference

This page contains the pinouts, schematics, datasheets, mechanical drawing, cad libraries, photos etc. related to the Acme Systems boards.

If you are looking for a discountinued or never made board please visit this link: Discontinued board documentation

Visual guide to the Acme Systems Linux boards

Arietta G25


Acqua A5

The schematic of this module is only available under NDA

Berta A5 ext - Evaluation board for Acqua A5

Berta A5 LCD - Evaluation board for Acqua A5


Aria G25


FOX Board G20

Netus G20

FOX Board LX

Daisy modules

One relay add-on board

RS232 serial port

RS485/RS422 optoisolated serial port

Four channels 48V optoisolated digital inputs

Four channels 48V optoisolated outputs

Four channels @ 10 bits 0-10 volt A/D inputs

Alphanumeric 16x2 LCD + 4 push buttons front panel with I2C interface

XBee® module adapter

Eight buttons add-on board for lab purpose

Proto board for lab purpose

Power supply modules