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Remote Music Player Daemon

MPD simply runs in the background playing music from its playlist. Client programs communicate with the MPD to manipulate playback, the playlist, and the database.

You can use your foxG20 as a remote player of your favorite music.

Configure MPD to work with Daisy16 audio adapter

  • Install mpd
apt-get install mpd
  • Stop mpd daemon
/etc/init.d/mpd stop
  • Configure /etc/mpd.conf more info here, we have create an adhoc config file for you mpd.conf (MD5:a52a320d5e609b0265091ee276587d39)
cp mpd.conf /etc/mpd.conf
  • Create database
mpd --create-db
  • Start mpd daemon
/etc/init.d/mpd start
  • Copy your favorite music Use the scp command from PC client to copy your music into the foxg20
scp -r "Your Music Directory" root@FOX-IP:/var/lib/mpd/music/

Now connect to the server with the client you want, a list here. Configure the client with correct IP address of the server and mpd as password.

In this video we chose as client MPDroid for Android phone and Theremin for Mac...

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