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FOX Board G20 technical documentation

How to update the kernel uImage remotely

To follow some tutorials on this site is required to install a new linux kernel uImage on your FOX Board G20. this article illustrates how to do that on a running board without removing the microSD card.

Get the access to the command line using a DPI interface or a SSH terminal session.

Mount the first FA16 partition typing:

debarm:~# mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt

Save a copy of the old image:

debarm:~# cd /mnt
debarm:/mnt# ls
debarm:/mnt# cp uImage uImage_old

Now get the latest kernel image from the snapshot repository:

debarm:/mnt# wget

Now sync the changes on the microSD and reboot the board:

debarm:/mnt# sync
debarm:/mnt# reboot

FOX Board G20 technical documentation