Project description

Led panel in a project to realize a very bright and internet ready digital signage useful for a wide range of applications like message notifications, alarms, synchronized clock, scrolling text, etc. The project is open and based on the tiny Linux board Arietta G25 wired to a 32x32 RGB led panel and interacts with the user smartphone via a WiFi link.

As shown below all the electronic parts can be fixed inside a cheap and elegant IKEA RIBBA photo frame.

The whole project is based on the full color RGB led panel made by the Chinese company Linsn.

It is composed by 1024 rgb led ordered in 32 rows of 32 leds each and mounted with a lot of logic on a black PCB 19x19 cm size. Everything in enclosed in a plastic frame with a set on placement for M3 screws to use for mounting.

The cost of creating a panel like this for an European company could be around 200 eur just for manufacturing and components so the best thing to do is to buy it :-)

The datasheet of this panel with a correct explanation about how it works is not easily available. In this page I'll try to explain how "it seems to work" :-)

On the rear an Arietta G25 module is used to generate all the signals requested by the RGB panel starting from a 32x32 pixel graphic image.

The Pyhton graphic library called Pillow is used to create the image starting from graphic primitives, true type fonts, and jpg, png, etc images.

The WiFi capability of the Arietta G25 (also in Access Point mode) and the Python module for the networking, open a lot of possible uses of this project.

Linux is loaded in few seconds from an 8GB microSD with more than 7.8 GB free !!

Tons of softwares, tools, languages and libraries can be installed. Complete step by step guides are available on this site.

Software used

  • Linux Kernel version 4.2.3 and Buildroot Linux 2015.08.1 freely downloadable from this site or created from scratch following my guide on this site
  • Python interpreter
  • Python Web server made with Tornado. Any other web solution (Apache, lighttpd, etc) can be used instead
  • SSH server to access to the microSD contents via WiFi (other rete access systems can be used like Netbios, ftp, etc