Programming examples on GitHub

Code playground is an open source code collection which include all the source code examples used in Acme Systems tutorials and articles on this site.

The sources are stored on GitHub repository at and are easily installable by cloning the repository directly on your Acme board by typing this simple command at Linux command prompt:

# git clone git://

After that all the source examples and libraries will be available inside the playground directory.

# cd playground

It is possible to stay tuned with the main repository updated day by day from the author by typing:

~/playground# git pull

Browse the Code Playground sources via Web on GitHub

Click on the following GitHib logo to browse the latest playground source code directly from your web browser:

Credits and related links

  • Git is an awesome version control system designed by Linus Torvalds to handle your software projects. We strongly suggest using it to track your software starting from the first lines of code. Git is already installed by default on your Acme board and a lot of tutorials and quick guides are available over internet.
  • GitHub is an awesome hosting service that offers free space to store your open source projects and a lot of facilities to share your codes with other developers. A commercial plan is available for private projects at a very low price.
  • ablib