Control a blinking led via Web

On this article we'll extend the simple Web server written in Python illustrated in the article to control remotely via Web a blinking led on the

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Basic example

This is the first examples we'll try:

It performs the following tasks:

  • blink the L1 led on a Daisy-11
  • process the html GET requests from the web browser on port 8080 and provide the control panel index_led1.html
  • process the html POST request to start and stop the led blinking

Run it by typing:

debarm:~/playground/python/httpserver# python

Then open your web browser on this URL: http://fox_ip_address:8080.

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ARIAG25-128 - ARM9 Linux Embedded Module

Aria G25 is a small and low-cost multi-chip module that integrates:* an ARM9 @ 400Mhz CPU Atmel AT91SAM9G25* a 128MB of DDR2 RAM* 10/100 Ethernet interface* up to 3 USB 2.0 host ports* Normal temperature range version (-0° +70°)

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FOXG20 - FOX Board G20

FOX Board G20 is a "ready-to-run" Embedded Linux System perfect to use as a solid state WEB server or as a core engine for your embedded appliances.

A fully Open Source environment is available to customize and build your own kernel image or to develop user applications using standard GNU tools. Version with Atmel AT91SAM9G20 with 256KB of FLASH memory, 64MB of RAM and up to 16GB of microSD.

FOXG20 needs some extra accessories in order to be operative:

  • a bootable microSD with Linux OS (see DEBM2G or DEBM4G products)
  • a 5 Volt DC power source (see PS5V1A product)
  • a 3V lithium battery for internal RTC circuitry (see CH23-1220 product)

An evalution kit with all the accessories you need to get started with FOX Board G20 is available on-line on this link: COMBO-2.

Please note

Currently the FOX board G20 are shipped without the daisy connector mounted on top. If you need these connector please ask.

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