Berta D2 - Evaluation board for RoadRunner SoM

The Berta D2 is the basic evaluation boards for the RoadRunner system-on-module. It provides the minimal peripherals to turn-on the RoadRunner, run Linux, try the network an USB host and device capabilities. It has also 160 pin 2.54 mm pitch with all the signals exposed by the RoadRunner module to try your own interface. The board is compatible with the Teko Tekal-3 case.


  • Placement for one RoadRunner SoM
  • 1 USB host port
  • 1 USB device port on microUSB used also for 5 VDC power in
  • 1 Ethernet port with etherney phy
  • 1 MicroSD socket
  • Serial debug port pins
  • HSIC signal on pad
  • Test point for power comsuption measurements
  • 4 placements for 20x2 pin headers or socket 2.54mm pitch
  • 1 0.47F supercap for RTC and backup memory circuitry
  • Reset push-button
  • Boot-off push-button
  • Form factor compatible with Teko Tekal 31.29/30 enclosure

The Berta D2 board can be used as

  • Development kit to evaluate the RoadRunner features
  • Fast prototyping system for your application using it as a mother board and the Teko Tekal 31.29/30 enclosure as enclosure.
  • Hardware reference design for your custom project based on RoadRunner SOM

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