Browse and edit the filesystem contents

This article illustrates how to browse remotely the file system contents of your acme board and how to edit its contents.

Launch Files tools from the launcher bar:

Click on Connect to server item:

and type in the Server Address field the name of your board or its IP address.

If you are using an Arietta via the microUSB adapter the address can be sftp://arietta.local or sftp://

Insert the user and password.

  • Arietta G25
  • User: root Password: acmesystems
  • User: acme Password: acmesystems
  • Aria G25 and Terra
  • User: root Password: ariag25
  • Acqua A5
  • User: root Password: acmesystems (or acqua)

Now you can browse all the board file systems contens as like as the local disk.

Explore and edit remote files using WinSCP

WinSCP is free utility to explore a remote Linux file systems using the SCP protocol

The main difference between SCP and FTP protocols is that the transmission over the network in SCP is encrypted.

Download and install WinSCP from this link:

WinSCP has a very easy-to-use drag and drop interface to transfer file between your PC and the Acme board file systems. An integrated ASCII editor allows to edit the source files directly over the Acme board as like as we could do with a local hard disk.

At startup you have to specify:

  • Host name: is the Acme board IP address. Read this article to find it
  • User name: use root
  • Password: use netusg20 (on FOX Board G20) or ariag25 (on Aria G25 or Terra Board)
  • File protocon: Select SCP

Leave all the other parameters at default values and save it then press the Login button to access.