Installing Tornado

This article illustrates how to install and test Tornado a scalable, non-blocking web server and web application framework useful to write web application written in Python.

"Because it is non-blocking and uses epoll or kqueue, it can handle thousands of simultaneous standing connections, which means the framework is ideal for real-time web services".

Installation steps

To install Tornado just type:

~# apt-get update
~# apt-get install python-tornado

Run your first web server

This is the basic example to build a simple web server which serves static html file.

Run it by typing:

~/playground/python/tornado# python

Open a browser on your PC and take a look to the Tornado web page using this URL:

Let's try now to access the default web pages available on /var/www with our new small web server .

Stop by typing ctrl-c and change this line:

(r"/(.*)", tornado.web.StaticFileHandler, {"path": ".","default_filename": "index.html"})


(r"/(.*)", tornado.web.StaticFileHandler, {"path": "/var/www","default_filename": "index.html"})

In this way we have changed the default path. Start again the web server and reload the web page on your browser.

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