FOX board G20 troubleshootings

Problem description

Sometime after a reboot command the FOX Board G20 hangs.


If you are using a self compiled kernel 2.6.38 uImage comment these two lines on arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9_alt_reset.S: and make again a uImage:

//str   r2, [r0, #AT91_SDRAMC_TR]       @ disable SDRAM access
//str   r3, [r0, #AT91_SDRAMC_LPR]      @ power down SDRAM

If you are using an Acme factory default uImage download this uImage file:

Rename it in uImage and copy it on the first microSD FAT32 partition called "kernel".

You can change it remotely copying the uImage in the directory /media/mmc_p1:

$ scp uImage_reboot root@[fox IP number]:/media/mmc_p1/uImage

and rebooting the FOX.

Hangs after some days of regular work

Problem description

When used a Debian microSD Acme R14: The FOX hangs after some days of regular work


Edit the file /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index end insert "exit 0" after the first line:

exit 0

The Linux Kernel doesn't find the rootfs at startup with some brand new microSD

Probably your FOX Board G20 mount an AcmeBoot loader version 1.19 or older. Move to the new a version 1.20 or higher

The rootfs goes up in read-only mode


On the FOX board G20 the rootfs goes up in read-only mode


This is due to a bug on the atmel-mci.c Kernel driver up to September 2010. Use the the latest kernel image available on binary snapshot to avoid this problem.

U-boot can't find foxg20-script.bin


On the FOX board G20 u-boot can't find foxg20-script.bin


If you are still using the U-boot bootloader instead of AcmeBoot with a Debian microSD higher than R03 add foxg20-script.bin on the first FAT partition of your bootable microSD or move from U-boot to AcmeBoot.