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Set the stdio on Yarm serial port

This article illustrates how to set the default stdio on YARM serial port to use it as system console


This example will set the serial port as a the default stdio to be used with printf().

The serial speed is 115200,N,8,1.

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USB-3V-SER - USB to 3V3 serial converter

USB to 3V3 serial converter ad 3.3 volt with separated pin plugs

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YARM-DEV - Evaluation board for YARM module

Carrier board for a rapid evaluation of the YARM radio module cababilities.

In includes the following parts:

  • MicroUSB port for power and data
  • ICP programmer port input
  • Double line of 14 pin pitch 2.54 mm for prototyping
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Yarm technical documentation Buy on-line