PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

OEM Application kit for GPRS/SMS applications based on Telit GM862-QUAD

The COMBO-3 kit includes all the hardware parts required to create
GPRS or SMS applications based on the Linux Embedded Board FOX Board G20 and Telit GSM862-QUAD modem

 Note:   This is a discontinued product. Please evaluate to use the TERRA-M board

COMBO-3 parts

  • FOX Board G20 with a set of of header 20x2 with pin length 6mm already soldered
  • One 2GB bootable microSD with preinstalled Debian Linux
  • FOXGM2 carrier board
  • Modem Telit GM862-QUAD
  • DPI interface and mini USB cable
  • MMCX to FME cable (code MMCX2FME)
  • GSM Antenna (code GSMANT)
  • Alluminium and plastic case specifically made by Teko
  • Wall-mount power supply 5VDC 800mA available with EU, US, UK and Australian AC plug

FOXGM2 carrier board

The COMBO-3 application kit is based on the FOXGM2 carrier board.

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EUR 159.00

COMBO-2 - FOX Board G20 combo box

Basic starter kit with all the hardware you need to get started with the FOX Board G20 Linux Embedded Single Board Computer

Parts included:

  • One FOX Board G20 (Code FOXG20)
  • One wall mounted power supply with 2 output at 5 Volt DC 500mA on USB port
  • One USB to 3.3 volt serial interface (Code USB-3V-SER)
  • A bootable microSD with preinstalled Debian Linux
  • One Lithium backup battery for RTC circuitry model CR1220 (Code CH23-1220)
  • One FOXCASE-B black plastic enclosure (Code FOXCASE-B)

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