PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

OEM Application kit for GPS/GPRS/SMS applications based on Telit GM862-GPS

The COMBO-4 kit includes all the hardware parts required to create GPRS applications with GPS capabilities based on the Linux Embedded Board FOX Board G20 and Telit GSM862-GPS modem

 Note:   This is a discontinued product. Please evaluate to use the TERRA-M board

COMBO-4 parts

  • FOX Board G20 with a set of of header 20x2 with pin length 6mm already soldered
  • One 2GB bootable microSD with preinstalled Debian Linux
  • FOXGM2 carrier board
  • Modem Telit GM862-GPS
  • DPI interface and mini USB cable
  • MMCX to FME cable (code MMCX2FME)
  • MMCX to SMA cable (code MMCX2SMA)
  • GSM Antenna (code GSMANT)
  • GPS Antenna (code GPSANT)
  • Alluminium and plastic case specifically made by Teko
  • Wall-mount power supply 5VDC 800mA available with EU, US, UK and Australian AC plug

FOXGM2 carrier board

The COMBO-4 application kit is based on the FOXGM2 carrier board.

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EUR 159.00

FOX Board G20 combo box

Basic starter kit with all the hardware you need to get started with the FOX Board G20 Linux Embedded Single Board Computer

Parts included:

  • One FOX Board G20 (Code FOXG20)
  • One wall mounted power supply with 2 output at 5 Volt DC 500mA on USB port
  • One USB to 3.3 volt serial interface (Code USB-3V-SER)
  • A bootable microSD with preinstalled Debian Linux
  • One Lithium backup battery for RTC circuitry model CR1220 (Code CH23-1220)
  • One FOXCASE-B black plastic enclosure (Code FOXCASE-B)

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