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FOX Board G20 technical documentation

PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

FOX Board G20 V2 - Beta

 Note:   The FOX Board V2 was an experiment and will not be available as standard product.

Features of FOX Board G20 V2

  • Double microSD slot
  • 4 on-board Daisy connectors
  • Low EMI
  • Mini USB power supply connector instead of 3.5 plug
  • Power cycle on USB ports via 1-wire commands
  • 1-wire temperature sensor on-board
  • Same J6 and J7 pin-out
  • J8 (the floppy-like power plug) removed
  • J16 (oLED) connector removd
  • Fully compatible with the NetusG20L

Turn-on the USB host ports

The two USB host ports on FOX Board G20 V2 are powered off by default at startup.

On this article is explained how to turn-on them at startup:

If you want to try quickly this feature use this pre-compiled uImage:

Using this image you don't need to load the module w1_ds28ea00.ko.


FOX Board G20 technical documentation