WIFI-3 - USB WiFi dongle @ 5.8GHz-2.4GHz

WIFI-3 is a Made in China small and cheap USB dual band WiFi adapter. This article illustrates how to configure the Linux Kernel and the Debian rootfs to use it on Acme Systems boards



  • Chip Mediatek MT7610UN
  • 5.8GHz - 2.4 GHz
  • Support 802.11ac standard WiFi
  • Compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless devices
  • High wireless transmission rate, dual band (2.4GHz/150Mpbs 5.8GHz/433Mbps)
  • Support WPA/WPA2/WEP/802.1X/WMM data encryption
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and all the Acme Systems Linux boards
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC OS X PC
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Internal antenna
  • Total size: 30x13x7 mm
  • Length out USB port: 16mm
  • Compatible with AP mode

Linux Kernel driver

With make ARCH=arm menuconfig set these flags:

Device Drivers  --->
    [*] USB support  ---> 
        <*> USB Wireless Device Management support

Device Drivers -->
    [*] Network device support --->
        [*] Wireless LAN --->
        <*> MediaTek MT76x0U (USB) support

To compile the Kernel follow one of these articles

Install the binary nonfree firmware on Debian

From the Debian command line type:

cd /lib/firmware
sudo mkdir mediatek
cd mediatek 
sudo wget https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/plain/mediatek/mt7610e.bin

Then reboot with:

sudo reboot     

Install wpa_supplicant

sudo apt update
sudo install wpasupplicant

Install the binary nonfree firmware on Debian

Save inside the directory: /lib/firmware/mediatek this binary file:

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