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Development boards for Acqua A5 SOM


This is a simple passive breakout to use the Acqua A5 pins as are on easy to manage 2.54mm pin strips.


  • Placement for Acqua A5 SoM
  • All the Acqua lines are available on pads pitch 2.54 mm (100mils)
  • DPI port placement
  • Size 10x10 cm


This board is a step over the BERTA-A5-BASIC providing the basic circuitries to give the power-on and connections to the Acqua A5 SOM maintaining access to the highest number of Acqua pins.


BERTA-A5-LCD Evaluation board

This is an further step to the previous development board adding the supporto for TFT displays size 4.3", 5" and 7" inches with resistive touch


  • Placement for a TFT LCD display size 4.3, 5.0 or 7.0 inches with resistive touch screen
  • Ethernet port at 10/100 Mbps
  • 2 USB 2.0 host hi-speed port
  • 1 USB 2.0 device hi-speed port or USB 2.0 host hi-speed port or placement for a WIFI-2 WiFi module.
  • MiniUSB power in
  • Placement for Acqua A5 SOM
  • All the Acqua lines not used by the on-board components are available on pads pitch 2.54 mm (100mils)
  • DPI port placement
  • Size: 10x25 cm
  • Getting started with Acqua A5 and Berta dev boards

DPI port pinout

All the Acqua development board have a DPI port. The pinout of this port is the pin-to-pin compatible with the legacy DPI port of FOX Board. Actually the pin 1,2 and 5 are not used.

| 1   | 2   | 3   | 4   | 5  | 6   |
| -   | -   | TXD | RXD | -  | GND |

More info on DPI port is available on: The Debug Port Interface (DPI)

Read this article to know how to use it:

DIP switch configuration

1 2 3 4 Function
ON ON OFF OFF USB A lines on J8 microUSB port. In this way it is possible to access to RomBOOT code using SAM-BA or use the Linux Kernel USB gadget drivers
OFF OFF ON ON USB A lines on WiFi module

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