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Arduino Software Environment on FoxBoard

BeeBoard has been designed to work in harmony with the FoxBoard. This article illustrates how to install the Arduino Environment on the FoxBoard G20.

Through this guide, you can compile codes and upload it to the i/o board.


  • a FOX Board G20
  • a Bee Board
  • a mini USB to standard USB cable
  • an ethernet cable to wire the FOX to your LAN
  • a PC with Linux, Windows or MAC wired on the same LAN

Step-by-step guide

Installing avrdude

Debian Lenny package of avrdude do not have support for ATmega328P, so download version 5.6 and compile it.

apt-get install make bison byacc flex gawk
tar -zxvf avrdude-5.6.tar.gz
cd avrdude-5.6
cp avrdude.conf /etc/
make install

Otherwise Squeeze have version 5.10 so just install it from packages:

apt-get install avrdude

Creating and compiling sketch

Install compiler and download Arduino Sources:

apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc
tar -xzvf arduino-0022-src.tar.gz
mkdir /usr/share/arduino
cp -pr arduino-0022/hardware /usr/share/arduino/
cp -pr arduino-0022/libraries /usr/share/arduino/

Makefile allows you to build sketches from the command line without the Arduino environment (or Java). It is modified to adapt to ATmega328, library path, serial port device and some other changes to align it with the 0022 version. Download it:

git clone

Copy Makefile into the folder with your sketch. There should be a file with the same name as the folder and with the extension .pde (e.g. foo.pde in the foo/ folder). At the command line, change to the directory containing your program's file and the makefile. Open Makefile and check parameter PORT like serial device you use (ttyUSB0, ttyS2, etc.). Compile and upload your program:

make upload

Replace the Arduino IDE with Vim

  • Install Vim if you don't have
apt-get install vim

Note: In Squeeze the Vim syntax folder is: /usr/share/vim/vim72/syntax/

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