PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

BEE Board with Leds and Buttons

How to mange leds and buttons quickly.

Library to manage Daisy5 and Daisy11 with BEE Board

We have created library to manage Daisy11 and Daisy5 more comfortably.

  • Download and Install it by following this guide.
  • Plug Ribble Cable on Wings W3 or W4.
  • open IDE and iclude Library

When these modules are connected to W4, the I2C port is disabled!

Button P8 and LED L8 are not available, they correspond to the 5V pin. (see pino ut for more info).

Example: Sliding Daisy11 Led


Example: Daisy5 Read all Button


Example: Daisy5 button on W3 and Daisy11 Led on W4


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FC-3754-1M - 1 meter of 10 wires flat cable for Daisy wiring

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