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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

Drive optoisolated Output DC load with BEE Board

This article illustrates how to drive DC loads (0-48V) up to 3.5A with BEE Board and DAISY-19.

This module extends the BEE Board capabilities to drive DC loads such as :

  • Resistive Heaters
  • DC Motors
  • Peltier Cells
  • Light bulbs
  • Solenoids, etc

See DAISY-19 for more configurations.

You can drive up to 11 optoisaleted channels

Application examples

Control RGB strip LED with BEE Board and DAISY-19

This application shows how to drive a strip of RGB LEDs up to 3.5A to create ambient lighting effects. This application is fully working and can be made with BEE Board and DAISY-19 without any welding.

The hardware required is:

  • a BEE Board
  • a DAISY-19 4 channel industrial range optoisolated output
  • a daisy flat cable
  • a RGB strip LED with common anode
  • a 12V Power Supply

Code for Arduino IDE 23 or less RGBled.pde

Code for Arduino IDE 1.0 or greater RGBled.ino