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BEE Board and Relay

How to manage relay quickly

Multiple relays can be driven simultaneously

  • DIP8 is not available, it corresponds to 5V pin! (see pinout for more info)
  • Wing W2 only accepts DIP4 to DIP7.
  • Wing W3 only accepts DIP1 to DIP7.
  • Wing W4 only accepts DIP1 to DIP7. (I2C disabled)

A total of 18 relays can be used simultaneously.

Library to manage Daisy2 with BEE Board

  • Download and Install it by following this guide.
  • Plug Ribble Cable on Wings W2, W3 or W4.
  • Set Daisy4 Dip-Switch (more info)
  • open IDE and iclude Daisy4 Library.

Example: One Relay


Example: Two Relays


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FC-3754-1M - 1 meter of 10 wires flat cable for Daisy wiring

1 meter of grey conductor flat cable, .025" pitch, 10 wires at 30 AWG, to use for Daisy wiring.

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