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OpenOCD on FOX Board D27

This article illustrates how to program a Berta H10 board using OpenOCD and a FOX Board D27


ACME Sensor 1 pin # FOX Signals GPIO ID H10 J12 pin # H10 Signals
2 PD27 123 1 NRST
3 PD26 122 7 SWCLK
4 PD28 124 9 SWDIO
5 PD30 126 10 V_LOAD (R 1K serial)
6 GND 6-8 GND

Install Open OCD

Install on your Fox Board D27 the OpenOCD package (we used the microSD image available here)

sudo apt update
sudo apt install openocd

openocd -v
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.12.0

Create a file called opencd.cfg with this content:

adapter driver linuxgpiod
adapter gpio srst  123 -chip 0   
adapter gpio swclk 122 -chip 0
adapter gpio swdio 124 -chip 0            
reset_config srst_only srst_open_drain  
transport select swd
set CHIPNAME samr34
source [find target/at91samdXX.cfg]

Launch the H10 programming using this line:

openocd -f openocd.cfg -c "program firmware.bin verify" -c "reset run" -c "exit"


Useful commands

openocd -c "adapter driver list"

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