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BRIZIO-H10 - LoRa HAT for Fox Board D27

BRIZIO-H10 is an Fox D27 HAT designed to create personal LoRa gateway or data collector matched to work with the energy harvesting nodes Berta H10.

The Brizio-H10 board houses a H-10 Module that can receive, via LoRa, data sent by on-field H10 sensors, filters it using the on-board firmware and transmits JSON strings to the FOX Board D27 via one of its serial ports.

Programming the Brizio-H10 Firmware

The Brizio-H10 board is provided already programmed but it can be re-programmed directly by the FOX D27 using openocd utility.

On this page:

it is possible to download a microSD Buildroot Linux image ready-to-use with all you need to create your local data colector for H10 nodes.

Go to the directory /root and type:

openocd -f openocd.cfg -c "program packet-forwarder-brizioh10.bin verify" -c "reset run" -c "exit"


Wirings between Brizio-H10 HAT and the Fox Board D27

The following table class='acmetable' shows which pins of the FOX Board D27 SBC are used to exchange data and program the Brizio-H10

Signals Fox D27 pins H10 lines Data Prog
RXD2 (PD19) J2.9 TXD X
TXD2 (PD20) J2.10 RXD X
WAKE (PB9) J2.15 X
SWCLK (PA30) J2.25 X
NRST (PC21) J2.23 X
SWDIO (PA31) J2.24 X

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